New Mosaics created with AndreaMosaic


When I first started getting into photography just a few years ago, I stumbled across a little piece of free software called AndreaMosaic.  It’s a simple little app that lets you create large mosaic pieces of art of any picture by using thousands of other pictures and shrinking them down into little tiles.  While the concept is simple, and the software is great, I had a few problems back then.

  • I didn’t have a lot of photos to use for tiles
  • My PC at the time wasn’t that powerful, which meant I was waiting too long for things to finish
  • I couldn’t decide on any “wow” photos to use for a mosaic

Well, after a few years, just about all of those have been taken care of now. 🙂


As you can see, I spent a little time this morning reacquianting myself with AndreaMosaic, now that I have thousands of photos from Maui from the past three years, and beefy Dell XPS laptop, and stunning wall candy to share.  I played around a little bit with a few different settings, but these mosaics here and the others on Flickr I feel came out the best.

Let me know what you think, and if you have thoughts on AndreaMosaic or other software titles that you use and recommend.  I’ll leave you with one more of my favorites from this morning’s session.


View them all here and check back every once in awhile as I continue to experiment.


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