Now in View: Door County

Visitor Center in EphraimAs I’ve mentioned in recent posts, my wife and I recently made our first trip up north to Door County, Wisconsin for an extended weekend. We had it on good authority that we’d like it, and it was only about halfway throught the weekend when we know we’d be coming back often.

I’ve added a new Door County page to the Viewfinder section with more details about why “The Door” is my newest favorite spot to take photos.  Our first trip was in September, when the leaves were only starting to change into their array of autumn colors, and the weather was still nice enough to walk outside without a jacket.  We’re planning our next weekend trip for the first week of December, which promises to be an early winter wonderland by midwestern standards.  I’m looking forward to making it my first focused effort of shooting the scenic snowscapes that is Wisconsin in winter.

Because we’re in Chicago and Door County is only about a 4 hour drive away, we think we’ll be making quite a few trips up there in the coming years.  That said, the Door County page might be small now, but it could very easily expand at a fairly decent rate, so be sure to check back from time-to-time to scope out the latest.


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