Canon EOS 5D Mark II Reviews

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

From the “If I only had the money” category, I thought I’d share a link to reviews on the latest and greatest DSLR from Canon, the EOS 5D Mark II.

As mentioned on this Engadget post, this dream camera has reviewers and photographers alike raving about all the great things this camera has to offer. From a 21.1MP full frame sensor to the ability to shoot full 1080p HD video, anybody would be very fortunate to carry this one in their bag.
A quick check on Amazon shows that even at a price of $3,499.99 (sold by Amazon) it is hard to keep in stock, although it is available for a premium from other merchants there.  The only bad customer reviews at Amazon for this camera are for the price.  While other merchants seem to be way overcharging for this item, Amazon itself doesn’t seem to be that far off.  I took a look at Adorama, another place I shop for camera gear online, and they were selling the body + lens kit for the same price as Amazon. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have any in stock, either.
So I guess, I should add this to the “If I only had the money, and could find it in stock” category. In any case, head over to the article at Engadget and browse through all the great reviews that this camera is getting.
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