My New Next Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T1i

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This guy popped up in my Google Reader this morning from a couple different source, and I instantly fell in love.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using my Rebel XSi since last October and I’ve really grown attached to it. While the controls were quite different than what I was used to with my EOS 20D for the previous two years, I found my way around and am now to the point where I can adjust most of the settings I need on the fly.

But right about the time I picked up my XSi, Nikon and Canon initiated the newest feature fight within the higher-end DSLR market… 1080p HD Video. On the Canon side, where my loyalties currently lay, was the EOS 5D Mark II. Between the reviews and samples of its video capabilities and the thought of me owning a camera with a full-frame sensor seemed like the ultimate dream.  Seeing that the price tag for the 5D Mark II was still too high for my skill level, I was debating whether the EOS 50D model was going to be my latest upgrade or if the fan favorite EOS 40D was next.

Since I’m not made of money, any of those were going to have to wait until the end of ‘09 (at least). The best thing about the digital photography market these days is that so much can happen in that long of a time frame.  Looks like today was evidence of that.

Enter the Canon EOS Rebel T1i
Some very smart people at Canon figured there was a big enough market of folks like me out there with eyes on the video capability of the 5D Mark II and the budget of the Rebel line, so they decided to bring the two together. The result in their announcement today was the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. In short, it features similar full 1080p HD Video as the 5D Mark II combined with a 15.1 MP sensor and Digic 4 image processor similar to what’s found in the EOS 50D. All this for under the $1,000 price range. Nice!

Due out sometime in May, there haven’t been too many folks that have been able to put this one through the ringer yet. One of the early reports I read this morning said that the Rebel T1i will have a very similar, if not exactly the same, form factor as the Rebel XSi. That would be ultra cool, seeing that I stumbled a little bit last month when I was dual-shooting with my EOS 20D and my XSi at the same time. Having a consistent feel and control between the XSi and the T1i would make dual-shooting a breeze for me.

I’m setting my hopes up high as more details come out closer to launch, and making a little extra room in my piggy bank for a late ‘09 acquisition if the reviews are on target. That is, of course, something even cooler comes about between now and then. You never know these days.

More Details
Here are some of the links that I came across through my blog subscriptions related to today’s announcement from Canon. I figured I’d pass them on as well.

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