New Photoset: Door County – Apr ‘09

Water Landing It’s been four months since we last visited Door County back in December, and now we had a whole new set of places to explore that were not hindered by the single digit temperatures.

With the nicer weather this trip, we went out to find our first few lighthouses on the peninsula, trekked through a few state park areas, and of course had to stop and enjoy some wonderful sunsets. April is still considered the off-season in Door County, with the majority of places remaining closed until May 1st. It was ironic, however, that there seemed to be more places open back in the frigid days of December than when spring is starting to blossom. Or maybe it was just too cold to notice.

Speaking of spring and blossoming, our timing was just a little off this trip as trees and flowers were still mostly bare. Had we waited another month to visit, we likely would have visited twice as many places and I’d have about 3x-4x as many photos to share.

A Few Other Notes
This was my first official attempt at shooting Infrared Photography, but as I mentioned, the deciduous trees and flowers hadn’t filled out yet.  I did take a few shots that I might be able to practice with in Photoshop, so we’ll see how that goes. IR photography is something I’ve been reading about and dying to try it out this spring and summer when everything gets greener. I’ll try to make a point about posting details here as well.

Oh, and some of these photos were taken with my new point-and-shoot camera, the Canon PowerShot SX110. I think that’s another thing I forgot to mention. After our trip to Maui, Cindy really enjoyed using the Canon SD890 I picked up last year, so I decided to relinquish possession of that and find something with a little more manual control. I’ll post more details about it soon, but for now, see if you can tell which photos in this set are from the Rebel or the SX110 without looking at the EXIF data, of course.


Frozen Shore

Eagle Panorama

Door County Sunset

Eagle Tower

You can view all of the photos from this trip in the photoset Door County – Apr ‘09, or you can browse through the following smaller and more specific photosets I put together from this trip.

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