Photo: Hey, That’s My Lawn

Hey, that's my lawn

Earlier in the week I posted about how much better the camera on my new mobile phone is compared to the last one that drowned in Maui. Then, I come home yesterday and find this little fella digging a hole in the ground at our condo. I decided to share, and it’s worth noting that I took this with my HTC Touch Pro using the built in zoom (1.8x) and through the driver side window while I was parked (of course).

So the zoom and shooting through the window caused the level of quantity to drop quite a few notches, but by the time it would have taken me to grab my Canon PowerShot SX110 out of my bag, he would have been gone.

If you want to see more of my mobile photos on Flickr to see some examples of higher quality pics from my phone, check out my Mobile Photos photoset.

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