Photo: Koki Beach

Koki Beach

Like many of the photos to being posted here over the few weeks, this one comes from my new-ish Maui by Photo website. You can more photos from Koki Beach there as well.

Now, on to the photo. This one doesn’t look like you’re typical Maui beach, but there’s something about this mist in this photo that does a lot more to capture the spiritual and magical feeling I get from thinking about Maui than just another one of those postcard shots do. Don’t you agree?

Koki Beach is all the way on the East side of the island, just passed Hana and before Hamoa Beach, which is indeed one of those postcard beaches.

Photo Update: Jan. 13, ’10

As part of my Flickr reset, I am going back and reprocessing some of my favorite shots from previous posts and applying the new Photoshop skills I’ve acquired in the past few months or so.

Here’s one from an early morning session I just finished with, and after applying a little Spicify action with Topaz Adjust, the result blew me away. See for yourself.

East Maui

Don’t get me wrong, I love the original image for the misty effect it has, but when I saw what I was able to do with this shot using Topaz, I couldn’t pass up on it.


Interested in hearing your thoughts on the before and after. I know it’s a matter of personal taste, but if you had to pick, which one and why?

– Kris

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