My New Golden Hour

Most photographers and practically all book authors will talk about the best, or only, time to shoot is during the golden hours. Those are the first and last hours of sunlight during the day, which of course correspond to sunrise and sunset.

Well, ever since I first shot the Milky Way over Maui, I have grown rather fond of shooting long exposures at night. Many of them initially have been of the heavens, such as this one of Venus, but I’ve recently started to look for things more down to Earth to shoot as well. Back here on Maui for a week, there’s been great night skies and no shortage of things around me to shoot after dark. Not to mention the help of some of the new gear I picked up for this trip, too.

Here’s a quick sampling, with more being uploaded soon.

Swan Court at Night

Beachwalk at Night

Hyatt at Night

And of course, the primary reason I love shooting at night in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Milky Way over Lanai

See more at my Stars Over Maui photoset on Flickr, and if you happen to have starry photos from Hawaii to share, I invite you to join us at the Stars Over Hawaii group on Flickr as well.


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