Photo: Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

Taking a break for the Maui photos for a few hours, I wanted to try out a few of the Photoshop techniques that I learned at the Maui Photo Festival a few weeks back.

This shot is from the photos I took from the Hawks / Sharks matchup back in March.  After seeing photos used in promotional materials with the Hawks’ awesome red home jerseys highlighted against grey-toned backdrops, I wanted to give it a shot myself.  So that’s what I was playing around with a for a few hours last night.

In this shot, I also highlighted the goaltender and added a blur effect to everything else in the frame.  Here’s the original shot.


This particular photo was one I spent the most time on, and here are the two others that I did a little practice on first.

Duncan Keith

Adam Burish

And now, back to all those Maui photos I need to go through.

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