Photo: 8000 Feet

Starting the descent

Literally coming down from a big high.

The high I’m referring to is both spiritual and physical, as I’ve yet to find many things in my life thus far that have such a spiritual awakening for me than being higher above the clouds and watching that first peek of sun coming over them, starting a new day in paradise.

Sunrise Silhouette

The physical high, of course, is being up over 10,000ft above sea level, and as I just mentioned, above the clouds, too. This second time I was up there, the wind really wasn’t as much of a factor as it was the first visit back in February. Sure, it’s a lot colder than it is down by the beach, but this time was still such a rush that it didn’t bother me one bit.

The elevation signpost was near one of the parking lots we stopped at on our way back down from the top of Haleakala on Maui a few weeks back. The lot was for hikers starting their trek along the Halemauu Trail, but we were just there for the view and for checking out the endangered Nene birds that live along the sides of the dormant volcano.

Stretching the Wings

All in all, a good morning was had by all.

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