Photo: IR Practice

IR Practice

Coming back to Door County, WI this weekend got me thinking of some of the other “projects” I started the last time we were here. The above photo is my first attempt at working with Infrared photography in the digital darkroom.

Infrared photography first piqued my interest earlier this year after finding this photo on Flickr.

So I ordered a Hoya 58mm RM-72 Infrared Filter from Amazon, picked up a book and tried it out. I only managed to do two sessions, and as I mentioned, just now decided to follow up on the images from April.

Last month at the Maui Photo Festival, some one showed off an awesome IR shot of white palm trees against a pure black sky (sorta like this one, but cooler). That totally psyched me up to go out and try to get a shot like that, but there was just too much going on that week. Now it’s on the list for our February trip.

I definitely want to keep experimenting with this, and what’s going to make it easier is getting my next camera (hopefully by my b-day next year).  With a 3rd DSLR, I’m planning to send my original Canon EOS 20D out to be IR modified, so that I can make these shots without needing a filter and keeping me more motivated to work at it.

Until then, it’s just practice, practice, practice.

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