Ears Up, Now Running WordPress

What was that?Have you heard?

krisnelsonphoto.com is now running on the WordPress platform. 🙂
(gratuitous bunny pic)

All told, it took less than a week to move over all the custom pages from the existing photonelly.com site, as well as bringing over the 180 posts from Blogger that were published via FTP.  Hadn’t really paid attention to the post count until now, as it looks like I’ve been posting more daily photos than I realized.

Another good chunk of that time was taken up by porting over the custom home page code I had on the previous site to parse out the Blogger feed data to show new photos on the blog itself. It was fun code for the geek in me to write, but the new structure I setup with WordPress is a lot cleaner.

So … What’s Different?

Well, not much right now. The blog itself has a slightly new look with the sidebar and new widgets. Oh, and PAGING!!!! Not something that I had from FTP publishing with Blogger. It’s the little things, folks.

But, it’s really only the beginning. With all my site pages and stylesheets now maintained in WordPress, it is a lot easier to add more of the new content I’ve been dreaming up. There are also good widgets, plug-ins, and maybe a theme or two that I may look into adding. I also have a ton of new links to share, and looking to feature some of the great photography blogs I’ve started to follow this year.

All-in-all, it’s going to be a lot more fun than Blogger was.

Stay Tuned

Okay, that wasn’t much of a teaser for things to come, but if you like some of my images or where I take make them, go ahead and subscribe to the feed to get updates as they’re posted. You can also find me on Twitter, too as @webnelly if you’re into that or even on Flickr if you wanted to say Aloha!

– Kris

P.S.: Nobody’s perfect, so there are bound to be a few things that I missed when migrating or are no longer working. Please let me now if you find such instances.

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