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I’ve been a little book happy lately, and have been meaning to share my thoughts on each of them here at the blog. Time to play catch up.

The first one I wanted to mention was Chase Jarvis’s little read, The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You. I call it a little read because it’s mostly pictures, all taken with his iPhone. While you might be thrown off by the $20 price tag at your local bookstore after just opening it up, flipping through it, and seeing only pictures, you might need to take a second look.

If you read the few intro pages that Chase writes before all the photos begin, you’ll get a better sense as to what this book is about and why he put it together. It is pretty amazing how in a market where there literally hundreds of cameras out there, and pro models climbing up into the $3,000 range (not to mention the glass) that the popularity of the iPhone could have as big of an impact on who and how people take photos. Just ask Flickr.

The book is a good example that every now and then, we could all benefit from stepping back from our top line equipment and techniques in the field and in post, and use what we have with us (our phones) and take pictures of what we see, when we see it.

Very few, if any, of photos taken this way will ever end up in a gallery or hitting the Explore page on Flickr, but the message I think is that sometimes, they really don’t need to be.

Reviews for The Best Camera…

In any case, don’t just take my word for it, if you’re near a bookstore and happen to see a copy, just pick it up and read through the intro first. You can also check out more reviews listed below.

If you have a copy of this book or have taken a look at it and decided it wasn’t worth the money, feel free to leave your thoughts.

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