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Legion Photo LogoFresh to the web, I wanted to share a new site that was recently launched by a few of the great people I met at the ’09 Maui Photo Festival, Legion Photo.

The Legion Photo website is a stunning collection of photographs from nine very talented, and very brave, men and women who took their cameras into combat, fighter planes, and more dangerous situations than most other photographers would dream of. The result is a candid, captivating, intense, and emotional view into the lives and sacrifices that our nation’s true heroes make to keep our freedom safe.

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to fly with two of the photographers featured at Legion Photo, Stacy Pearsall and Andy Dunaway in September when they led a series of aerial shoots over Maui by helicopter. They were some of the nicest people you’ll ever met, and following along with them online after the workshops, they do so much to give back to the veterans community, it’s amazing.

Their New Mission

It takes a lot of talent and dedication to do what the photographers, or legionographers as they’re referred to, featured on Legion Photo do behind the camera. They have taken their own individual experiences and come together to offer a wide range of commercial photography, video, and creative services. Given the locations and conditions they have shot under in their military careers, I can’t imagine there’s a job out there they couldn’t handle.

More from Legion Photo

In addition to the photos and profiles (coming soon) on their website, you can also interact with Legion Photo on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. Be sure to check out the links below and let them (and me) know what you think of their work.

– Kris

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