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0502 - May 2ndAfter almost an entire year since I first dreamt up my little day calendar idea, it has come full circle with a selection of 366 photos from my multiple trips to Maui over the years.

Surely an undertaking that I admittedly entered into lightly, it was nothing short of a huge relief choosing that last photo to close out the set (for now). I have slightly larger plans for this imagery than the current Daily Maui Photo gadget and feed, but in the meantime I wanted to have something to commemorate the completion of this effort.

Introducing My Wall of Aloha

What I came up with was a quick way to see all 366 photos in one place, and my Wall of Aloha was born. Sure, it takes a while to load up all those photos on a single page, but once it finishes downloading into your favorite browser, you have an entire island awaiting the click of your mouse.

Those who know me, either in real life or online, know the impact that Maui and the Aloha Spirit has had on my life in the last few years. And as far as my photography goes, it was perhaps this photo and that first day on the Valley Isle that could be considered the epicenter of this next creative phase of my life.

It has meant so much, in fact, that I’ve added this page to the main site navigation all the way up there at the top. Just click on Aloha and enjoy.

– Kris

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