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I had another great opportunity to shoot at another Chicago Wolves game on Friday to add to my hockey portfolio.

This time we had seats only 8 rows from the glass, so I was much closer to the action than I have been in the past. I took advantage by shooting more close-ups during the game and have a few keepers to go through and upload next week.

This shot was from just before the opening face-off. Goalies are, umm…, different than the other players on the ice. Growing up playing the game my entire life and coaching high school hockey for 5 years, I’ve picked up on some the idiosyncrasies that make these guys (and gals) want to stand in front of 12 oz. of vulcanized rubber travelling at very high velocities.

So, from a photographer’s standpoint, they’re a good subject to focus on at different stages of the game.

More photos next week

I’d say I have almost a good half dozen or so shots from the game that I’m planning to process and post over the next week, so stay tuned for more if you like this one.

– Kris

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