Photo: I&M Canal

I&M Canal

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving on Thursday. My wife and I did our annual pleasantries with her family, and found ourselves back at the Public Landing Restaurant with everyone, marking the third family get together there. It’s a nice place in a 100 year old building in the historic district of the town of Lockport, Il.

I took this photo back in April when we were there for Easter and I was testing out my (then new) Canon SX110 IS as a “carry everywhere” camera. On Thursday, I was hoping to do at least a half hour of HDR shooting prior to the big meal, but the forecast was calling for rain and we ended up getting a later start to the morning than I had hoped.

What Was Old Is New Again

So, instead I decided to take this old shot (which I originally posted back in April) and reprocess it from scratch using ACR and Topaz Adjust seeing that my skills in both of those tools are much improved since the original post. It didn’t help too much that the SX110 doesn’t shoot RAW and there’s more noise called out in post than I would have liked, but it’s still a nice improvement.

Here’s the original shot from last April reposted (and un-cropped).

I&M Canal

It wasn’t a terrible image in the first place, but the newly processed version certainly adds a little something.


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