Photo: Kahakuloa Bay

Kahakuloa Bay

One of the many great shots I took during our helicopter flight as part of the Maui Photo Festival last September.

It was later in the flight, so by this point I had to switch over to shooting JPEG instead of RAW to preserve memory card space. I had spare cards with me, but seeing as it was my first time in a helicopter without doors and I was sharing the back bench with 3 other people, I wasn’t about to try fiddling with a card switch. 🙂

I mentioned it because I feel like I could have done more with this in Adobe Camera Raw had it not been just a JPEG file.  I did run it through ACR twice (a 2nd pass for the horizon and sky in the background), but having the RAW file without the in-camera compression of the JPEG version would have been better.

To make up for it, I decided to give it a spin through Topaz Adjust to try and kick it up a notch, and was generally pleased with the final results.

The New Account

This is the first photo coming from my new Flickr account as mentioned yesterday. While most of my daily photos will likely continue to come from my original account, I will be featuring images like this from time to time that have gone through a more thorough creative process and post production workflow.

I wish I had enough time to do this on a daily basis, but not quite there yet.

One last note, if you’re interested in knowing where on Maui this is overlooking, such as that curvy road up near the edge of the cliff, this guy is geotagged on Flickr. Just click the photo and look for Map on the right hand side somewhere down the page. Switch to Hybrid mode, too, for another interesting look.

– Kris

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