Photo: The Close-Up

The close-up

If I ever decide to make a concentrated effort to overcome my fear of portrait photography, it will likely start with countless hours of practice on cute little animals like our adorable rabbit, Star.

Sure, while they don’t take direction very well when trying to pose them, they’re not going to look at the pictures afterwards and cringe. And after I can get the knack of shooting a subject that’s racing around on the ground in rather unpleasant indoor lighting, taking portraits will seem that much easier (skin tones aside, anyway). 🙂

For more of Star, you can check out the brief little blog, Igloo Surfing, that I put together earlier this year but haven’t had time to update in forever. It was sort of inspired by the popular rabbit blog Disapproving Rabbits, with the type of humor that only fellow rabbit owners can truly appreciate.

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