Ready to Make the Move

Packed and ReadySome time late last week I up and decided I was going to take on the effort of moving this photography site and blog over to a hosted WordPress installation. It will actually by my 3rd WordPress blog (after Maui by Photo and my Ka’anapali Dreamin’ Blog) but only my second Blogger to WP migration.

I learned quite a bit from my first migration earlier this year, but fortunately this move isn’t going to be as large as the first one.

Caution: Kinks Ahead
At the end of it all, moving to WP is going to be a big plus for this site and blog. I’ve already spend a good number of hours getting the test site ready by moving all the site pages and styles over, but I still anticipate the normal move-related issues once this switch is flipped.

I’m hoping to cut everything over late tonight and start fixing the first issues this week. By the weekend I hope to have everything ironed out and the newly renewed stream of photos coming in through the feeds again.

– Kris

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