Sitting Down on the Job

Standing in LineFlipping through more photos from our Door County trips for a holiday gift we’re putting together for a relative, and I came across these images.

They’re from our first visit to Sturgeon Bay back in Sept. ‘08 and were taken during their annual Harvest Festival. It was neat walking around and seeing all the booths and people from all across the county coming for this get together.

But when it was time to eat, we picked up a little lunch and found ourselves an open stretch of curb to sit. As we sat and ate lunch, I looked around at things around me, and in between bites I picked up our little Canon SD890 and snapped a few photos.

A Different Point of View

You often hear and read a lot about how perspective is a powerful tool in photography. And while these aren’t dramatic compositions by any means, they are a neat view of what you can do sitting on your bum.

Looking for scrapsFarmers MarketFarmers Market Patrons

Just beware of slobbering dogs. 🙂

Hot Dog

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