Photo: Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Photo: Two Chicago Wolves attack the front of the Rockford net while a shot comes in from the point.

Here’s the second image I’ve processed from my photo shoot at the Wolves game on Sunday. I always liked the action in front of the net, even from my days as a defenseman way back when. There were a few neat things with this action shot that I really get a kick out of.

  • Where’s the puck?  See if you can find it.
  • The forward in front, #27 Johnny Pohl, is leaping in the air out of the way, and in the process, it almost looks like he’s trying to balance on the blade of his hockey stick.
  • Again, not to pick on Johnny, but if you view the larger view on Flickr (click on the photo to go there) and look at his face, he appears to have his eyes closed. 🙂

As I mentioned yesterday, there was a fair amount of noise in these shots, so I tried to clean it up a little bit here. I also took the image through a little spin in Topaz Adjust like I did with this one, but not as dramatically.

Just Warming Up

There still are a few shots coming this week from Sunday’s game, so hang in there if you’d like to see more. I’m also still riding this excitement from the results of this shoot to the point where I’m trying to make plans for reprocessing photos from my original Flickr account and adding them here to the Hockey Portfolio.

If there was only more time in the day. 😉

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