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Another shoot looking back at the Swarovski collection photoset I put together back in October. Every time I see one of these shots (which was done with my existing gear and mostly natural light) I get the urge to buy/rent a macro lens, build a black-lined lightbox/tent, grab a few lights and spend a couple of hours shooting a ton of these figures and their mirrors.

Well, since Santa’s budget for the year was gone shortly after coming back from the Maui Photo Festival in September, there won’t be any new glass under my tree this year. :(  But that’s okay. I still like the way these came out, and with the entire week off for the holiday starting on Monday, I might carve out some time to give it another go at it with what I have already.

Another Assignment

Aside from that, and while I’m actually taking time to write here at the blog this week, I thought I’d call myself out for another shoot that I’ve been promising myself I will do.

We live about 2 miles from this replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and this time of year they do a great job of decorating it with green and red colors on each alternating level. Against a clear, or even a somewhat cloudy, dark night sky, those colors are incredibly vivid and really pop, and each time we drive by (at least 3x a week), I keep saying I’m coming back.

Now that I’ve mentioned it here, that could be enough to get me out there to shoot it. We’ll see. 🙂

– Kris

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