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Alltop, all the top storiesTaking a little break from the daily photo posts as the full work week resumes and I dry off the skates after last week’s hockey theme.

I decided to revisit some of the dozens of blog feeds I have filed away in Google Reader under Photography and started thinking about ways to feature and share some of these here at the blog. What I came up with was starting a new MyAlltop page.

For those that might not have heard of Alltop yet, they have been described as an online magazine rack of sorts by some. In essence, it’s a collection of thousands of human-reviewed blog feeds and articles listed under hundreds of different categories like photography, Hawaii, and hockey just to name a few. No surprise I picked those topics as examples, eh? 😉

I first started checking out Alltop early last year when I was working on my first Maui website, and thought it was a pretty neat concept.  Then, over the summer, they released MyAlltop, which lets you create a profile and select your own favorite feeds from their directory. That what I’m started now for photonelly.

The photonelly MyAlltop

Now that the intro is out of the way, you can take a look at the first few blog feeds I’ve added to the photonelly MyAlltop, with more to come soon. There are a few other ideas I’m looking at with using this service, so this may only be the beginning.

If you know of or have a photography related website (or any website for that matter) that you’d like to have reviewed and added to Alltop, visit their Submissions page to find out more.


Do you use Alltop already, or have any thoughts about the service? I’m interested in hearing of others out there have similar MyAlltop pages that would want to swap lists and share some of their favorites as well. If I get enough responses, I might even create a list of those MyAlltop pages on the sidebar here as well.

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