Photo: Empty Deck at Night

Empty Deck at Night

Photo: The near empty deck aboard our cruise ship out at sea, back in February ‘07.

Another one from the archives on the same cruise I brought us back to Miami for the sunrise. It was almost hard to imagine that was had become a peaceful place for a late night stroll out on the open water was previously crammed with kids and families one on top of the other mere hours before.

Seeing as this picture image is coming up on it’s 3rd birthday, it obviously wasn’t an HDR capture. While I did touch it up with Topaz Adjust a little, it would have been great to shoot a scene like this as an HDR image. Seeing as this maiden voyage of our was a company sponsored trip, and we haven’t been aboard a cruise ship since, I can’t say I’ll get around to framing a similar shot ever again, but never say never.

Hidden Gnome?!?

That red cone in the background sure is a focal point, ain’t it? Yet, I can’t help but visualize a hidden resemblance to the Travelocity Gnome in this image.  Do you see it, too?

Work with me here, or at least verify I’m not going crazy at this computer all day.  The red cone in the background is his hat (duh), and the tent at the top of the waterslide is his beard. The blue slide itself is a sorta like his jacket, and let’s just say the aqua pool at the bottom are his slacks. Now you see it, right?

Anyway, feel free to leave your vote as to whether I’m overtired and imagining things, or if you see something, too.  Oh, and you can always comment about the image, too. 🙂

– Kris

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