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This week’s edition of my weekly Facebook Photographers series brings us back to the island of Maui once again with the very talented Peter Liu.

I’ve been following Peter and his work on Twitter (@peterliu47) for sometime now, and got the chance to meet him in person last September at the huge #MauiTweetup we had. In fact, Peter is the unofficial #MauiTweetup photographer, and it’s always good to see photos of everyone during those events. Even though I can’t be there for all the fun, seeing everyone smiling and having a good time fills me up with Aloha.

Peter’s Work

Peter’s been at this a long time, and you can easily tell by the quality of his work and his wealth of knowledge on just about all aspects of photography. His specialties include landscapes, nature, and amazing underwater photography that makes me want to take my camera gear underwater and explore. Although, I guess I should learn how to swim first. 😉

Not only is Peter an award winning photographer, he’s a big techie and social media fan, too. Using his way with the web, he also shares many tutorials online to help others learn to shoot and process images the way he does. He’s even looking at hosting an open-invitation photowalk during August right around the time I’ll be there for the ’10 Maui Photo Festival. It will be pretty neat to be able to shoot along side Peter and learn from a true master of this craft.

The Photos

As always, pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few links to find more of Peter’s work.

Drop A Note

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– Kris

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  1. Peter Liu February 19, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    Thanks so much Kris! I’m honored and humbled!

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