Technical Difficulties

Camera ShyWell, as much as we rely on technology and our gadgets these days, we must endure the delays that occur when we have to go without.

What started as a little scare last week with display on my primary development/darkroom laptop turned into an inevitable hardware failure, so I’m getting it ready for a visit to the service department next week. Of course, it has to happen two weeks after my warranty expired. D’oh!

I can still use the laptop, but I have to use a remote connection from my Mac Mini to get to it. Not exactly ideal for working with Photoshop on my gorgeous 24” monitor, not is it? 🙁

I have a temporary replacement machine coming this week, so I’ll either set that one up this weekend to do some interim photo work, or I may just break down and download the 30-day Photoshop CS4 trial for my Mac.  Playing by ear and how I’m feeling about the situation later this week.

Off Topic

So I decided to use another one of my bunny photos for this post, because every post should have a photo, right? 🙂

The last gratuitous bunny pic I had was back in November when I switched to WordPress, so I think that officially makes it a pattern for these random site updates, issues, etc. I’m thinking my little friend here may become my own version of the well-known Twitter Fail Whale, watcha think?

In lieu of new photos this week, I’ll still try and stay on top of things with posts in the Before and After and Facebook series, and maybe even a book review or two. I guess that’s another sticking point is that there’s a lot for me to do than just taking and editing photos. My work is never done. 😉

– Kris

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