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Waves and CloudsIf you’re a regular Flickr user, I’m sure you’ve probably seen the “Most Interesting” page in your profile that shows what the service thinks are your most interesting images based on its own secret algorithms.

Well, if you haven’t, just click on Your Photostream from the home page, then Popular, and there you go.

In any case, seeing those images right there might be, well, interesting, but it might not be something everyone is going to do when browsing your photos.  Not like they would if, for example, they were in their own, automatically created photoset now, right?

Flickr Set Manager

Enter the Flickr Set Manager, which I found interestingly enough just browsing through someone else’s “Most Interesting” photoset.  You see, once you set this up, I like I have done here, it adds a nice little link explaining how it got there.  Pretty neat.

The process is pretty easy, and it all works using your Flickr account so you don’t to really do much of anything.  The website lets you setup what it calls Managed Sets, which is just a shorter way of saying “automagically generated photosets of your cool stuff.”  And it’s not just most interesting either.  The settings let you go random, choose least interesting (huh?), as well as recently posted or taken.  You can also filter by tags, dates, and even location if you’re a whiz at geotagging your pics like I do.

Try It Out

If you’re not already using this app and decide to give it a shot, post a link to your new photoset wonders so I can take a look.  If you’ve been using it for sometime already or using something similar, feel free to share as well.

– Kris

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