Photo: Christian at 10 Weeks

Feb. 16th

Christian at about 10 weeks.

This photo is already a month old, but as I flipped across it on my iPad this morning, I couldn’t help but admire how clear of an image it was. That is, for being taken with a camera phone.

This one, as is this shot, too, was taken with my HTC Evo as part of my Daily Baby Project. I’ve been meaning to cover the project here, but the short version is I’m taking a different photo of our son from birth through his first year (think 365), all with my camera phone.

Photos are uploaded to Flickr (tweaked with Picnik if needed) and available as a slideshow and for browsing on our family blog.

Not all the images come out as clear as this one, due to lighting conditions and the ability for Christian to sit still for the seemingly painful 2 seconds it takes for the image to capture. But still, it’s about the subject of your photos, is it not?

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