Photo: Happy Baby

Happy Baby

A big baby smile with the help of my photographer’s assistant, Mama.

The balcony of our condo unfortunately faces south, but I was still trying to use some of the natural light coming in from the patio doors late in the morning. My wife tried to assist by holding up a silver reflector for me, and although it didn’t help too much with this shot, she did manage to get Christian to let out a big smile, so it was still worth it!

Gear Alert

The background in this shot is still a little too busy, and I probably should have switched to my 85mm f/1.8 lens to drown in out a bit more.

But no worries. On Sunday, I put in an order with Adorama for a Westcott Background Support Kit and a white muslin backdrop. It probably won’t be here until next week, but as I continue to practice more and more with portraits and studio lighting, this will be another big step and something we hope to have a lot of fun with now that our son can do things like sit up on his own.

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