Photo: Me, My Son, and the Milky Way

Me, My Son, and the Milky Way

My son and I sitting by the ocean in Maui watching the Milky Way.

Back Story

The last time we were in Maui for the Maui Photo Festival in ’09, I spent the final night on the island shooting the stars one last time. In the process, I came up with the idea to shoot a self portrait of me and the Milky Way.

Me and the Milky Way

I thought it came out fairly nice.

Fast Forward

Now, well, I’m back here for the last night of the 2011 Maui Photo Festival, so I decided to re-shoot the self portrait, but only this time include our 9 month old son as well. Fortunately, I was able to try a few setups and get this shot off about 2 minutes before he woke up.

While I could have easily spent another hour out there getting shots and riding the creative ways, the shoot was called on the count of a screaming baby. I’m guessing the observatories on Haleakala and the Big Island don’t have these types of problems to contend with. 😛

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