Photo: Looking Up

Christian looking up at something (I honestly don’t remember what).

Back Story

This is another shot from the camera phone of my HTC EVO as part of the Daily Baby Project. It was actually taken during the first week of August, so I’m quite a ways behind on getting these posted, but I’m still snapping away when I can.

Being from a smartphone and not my trusty 5DMKII, the image quality might not be as great as my other portraits of our son, but in this shot I was able to get the catch lights in the eyes – which has been a sticking point with me as a takeaway from my portfolio review session last month. Not to mention the fact that getting shots like this from the newer smartphones these days – while entirely possible – are becoming harder and harder as our son becomes more mobile and increasingly difficult to hold still for the 1-3 seconds (depending on lighting) it takes to capture an image with my phone.

That said, I’m still happy when I get shots like this in a pinch, and more than willing to share them here on the blog.

– Kris

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