Flying Wrapping Paper [Photo]

The wrapping paper flies as presents are revealed X-mas morning.

Back Story

As part of Week 03 of my 52 to Two project this week, I set to capture images of our son opening presents on his first X-mas morning. Well, technically he was 3 weeks old last year at X-mas, but you get the point.

The hope was to shoot with natural light because our tree was setup right next to the balcony doors. However, with the room facing south, we didn’t receive enough light at 10am to get the images I wanted. So it was time to close the blinds and bounce the flash.

You can find the chosen shots for this week in the 52 to Two image galley, and see the rest of the shoot over at the X-mas Morning photoset on Flickr.

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New Photography Goodies

In addition to our son expanding his stockpile of toys, I also scored a few photography related gifts on Sunday that will certainly come in handy with this project and my other work in the new year:


  • X-Rite ColorChecker Passport [ Adorama ]
  • Expoimaging Rogue FlashBender [ Adorama ]
  • [/list_circle]

    The ColorChecker Passport has been on my radar for while, after watching Episode 209 of Digital Photography on AdoramaTV. I’ve had a few cases where my subject was wearing his traditional red Blackhawks gear on game night, and the reds were just throwing me off in post. Using something like the passport, I hope to drastically improve how those colors fit into the rest of my images.

    The FlashBender just seemed pretty neat after reading a few reviews on it, and it should also fit well into this weekly project of mine. Having a reliable way to bounce flash in many different rooms, settings, or even outdoors feels like a strategic advantage too good not to try. We’ll see how it goes as I factor it into my shoots.

    Your Gifts?

    Did you get any neat photography gifts this season? Do share…

    – Kris

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