Introducing the 52 to Two Project

Announcing the start of my latest project: 52 weekly photo shoots before our son’s second birthday.

Still carrying the momentum of close to 20 photos shoots with our son in the past six months, and looking for a follow-up to my recently completed Daily Baby Project, it’s time to announce the latest project that will be keeping me behind the camera and regular intervals for the next twelve months.

52 Weeks

With the Daily Baby Project capturing the our son’s first year, this new project will be capturing his second trip around the sun. The main project focus here is – documenting my growth as portrait photographer as our son continues to grow up right before our eyes.

So, by his second birthday, we can once again look back and all the memories and keepsake images of time going by way too fast, and I’ll have a set of 52 images that help quantify just how far along I’ve come behind the camera in one year’s time.

Project Details

I’ve recently added the official project page for the 52 to Two project in the Projects section of the website, so you can click over there to learn even more about my plans for this.

For now – seeing that the first 3 weeks of the project are already finished – you can follow along with the project images in the 52 to Two gallery.

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As the year progresses and the photo shoots start to add up, I will likely find a better way to feature all the photos, but for now, this is the place to check for updates each week. I’ll also be sharing a photo from each weekly shoot here at the blog, so be sure to check the “Stay Updated” options at the top of the right sidebar here to make sure you don’t miss out.

And like everything else, if you have feedback or suggestions for this project or as ideas as the weeks go by, please share them in the comments section, on my Facebook Page, or anywhere else you find me.

– Kris

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