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Striving to share my very best work in my new 500px portfolio.

It’s hard to believe that I started my first Flickr account almost 5 years ago, and even to this day I’ve been a big fan of what they provide – especially from a developer API.

But while I’m not giving up on Flickr, I’ve decided to also join the growing movement that is headed towards

So now, you can view my very best works to date on my new 500px portfolio page at

[button link=”” color=”#333″ text_color=”#ccc”]View 500px Portfolio[/button]


I’m only starting with a few select photos at the moment, and I imagine I’ll just be posting about a dozen or so from my existing works so far. The emphasis for me, really, is going to be posting the best new work I put together starting with the year ahead.

The other part about 500px that has me pretty excited to have joined is how easy it is to browse through so many amazing photographs and instantly be inspired in more ways than I could possible shoot in a year. Add to that the slick 500px iPad App and I can see myself quickly losing track of time finding other great photographers to follow and filling up my idea list.

Are you on 500px?

Do you already have a 500px account? Look me up at if you wanted to follow along, or leave your 500px link in the comments so I can check out your work.

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