Snapseed: Lahaina Banyan Tree

Over the weekend, I was waiting for an oil change and playing with the Snapseed App on my iPhone, when I edited and posted this photo on my Facebook page. When I returned home, I shared it on my Maui Facebook page, and it was a hit.

Pleased with the reception it received on Facebook, I decided to toy around with another Maui photo from that same trip last year. This time, it was this original banyan tree photo from Lahaina (which itself was an HDR image).

Lahaina Banyan Tree: Original

Lahaina Banyan Tree: B+W
Black and White

Lahaina Banyan Tree: Vintage

Lahaina Banyan Tree: Sharp

Lahaina Banyan Tree: Grunge

Feel free to leave a comment as to which version is your favorite of the group.

As I shared on the one Facebook post I linked to above, it’s pretty amazing how we can now have these smartphones and tablets wherever we go, and with our photos at our fingertips, build endless creations in just minutes.

While it doesn’t actually replace being there in Maui and shooting new images, it certainly keeps the creative juices flowing. I’m sure I’ll have a few more posts like this in the near future, so stay tuned if you wanted to see more.

– Kris

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