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Kris is a professional software engineer turned photographer turned father, capturing paradise, his pastimes, and his inspiration.

Hockey Day, Jan ’13

Two happy humans celebrating the start of the shortened 2013 NHL season. Hockey Day, 2013 With the lockout shortened NHL season, we went almost four months without watching our beloved Blackhawks. But with the season […]

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Baby Bella Portraits, Dec ’12

A sleepy baby Bella in her holiday dress next to her teddy bear. Baby Bella I first did baby portraits for little Bella back when she was just three weeks old. So when her parents […]

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Holiday Portraits, Dec ’12

Working through more posts from shoots at the end of 2012. This time it’s from our annual holiday portrait shoot at the start of the holiday season. Baby Closeup Giggle Mama and Christian Last Year […]

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Little Wise Guy, Halloween ’12

I know what you’re thinking…it’s almost February and he’s posting about Halloween. Well, I did say these were catch-up posts from shoots during the 2nd half of last year. And secondly, you have to admit, […]

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Park Ridge Portraits, Oct ’12

After spending the weekend updating the website to a fresh new design, I’m back with the first a few more catch-up posts this week. Today’s featured portrait session was from a relatively warm October afternoon […]

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Updates on the Way

I know it’s been nearly five months since the last post, but it’s not to say the camera has been in the bag this entire time. After switching back to my development habits, updating a […]

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