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Autumn Sister Bay [Photo]

Sister Bay, WI on a cloudy autumn afternoon in between rain showers.

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Photo: Starburst Crater

Haleakala Crater lit just after sunrise.

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Photo: Lahaina Banyan Tree

Two large trunks of the Lahaina Banyan Tree. Back Story First of all, this tree is huge. Check it out in Google Street View if you haven’t been there before. Believe it or not, that’s […]

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Photo: Maui Sunset

The sun sets along Maui’s west coast as a dinner cruise ship approaches. Back Story Admittedly, it doesn’t take much to grab a great sunset like this on Maui, with only a little bit of […]

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Photo: Cana Island

Photo: The very top of the Cana Island lighthouse looking over trees as seen from across a nearby bay. Another, more closer to Earth view of the Cana Island lighthouse that was featured last week […]

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Photo: Waves at Wailea – TopazAdjust Version

Photo: Series of waves washing on the shores of Wailea Beach, with clouds over West Maui near the horizon. Now that I’m sort of back in business with my laptop situation, I wanted to throw […]

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