Now Reading: The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 2

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Well, after finding the first volume of Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book” very helpful, I went ahead and picked up Volume 2 this weekend.

Much of what I liked in the first volume is repeated in this second book in the series.  Rather than go on about this volume in the series, you can read my earlier review on volume one if you want to learn more. It is important to note, this is a completely separate book from the first volume, and not just a reprint of an earlier addition with updated camera specs and stuff.  Reading the first volume prior to this one is highly recommended, and almost a must.

I plan on bringing both of these volumes with me on our Maui trip next week.  The fact that they’re both small book and offer great tips in short little tidbits make them very easy travel companions. I have no problem making from for them in our luggage as well as in my camera bag when I’m heading out for a shoot.

If you haven’t had a chance to flip through one of these books yet, head over to your bookstore and have a look. Or, you could just jump over to Amazon and see why these books are at the top of the sales rankings for Digital Photography.

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