Photo: Lonely Rock

Lonely Rock

I snapped this one while walking along Wailea Beach last February. It is a simple composition, and honestly something that could be from any beach in the world, but I still like it, and it reminds me of the warmth of an afternoon in the Maui sun.

This photo was also one of the 50 photos I used for the latest batch of business cards I ordered from  That’s right, why try to decide on a single photo for your business cards when you can choose 50!  I’m hoping to get them next week and will post a pic of what they look like.

Why business cards? Well, they were on my list of things to finish before heading to the Maui Photo Festival in 10 days.  If you saw the list, it was pretty ambitious, and I’m happy to say that I’ve caught up on most of it.  I finished editing shots for my portfolio early Friday morning after a night burning the midnight oil. Those should be here next week, too, and I’m looking forward to giving my colleagues at the office a preview before I pack it up for the pros in Maui.

Still hoping to get a few more posts and updates here before trip, and if you’re interested in tagging along with me, I’ll be posting updates from the festival from my Maui Twitter account, @MauiByPhoto.

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