Photo: Main Street, USA

Main Street, USA

Came across this scene with the flag and the little Main St. sign while walking around Fish Creek in Door County this past weekend, and was inspired to steal Cindy’s camera from her hands and grab this shot.

One of the areas of feedback I received from my portfolio reviews at the Maui Photo Festival last month was to “get closer.” Much of what I’m used to shooting are wide open landscapes or big, black, night skies. So taking that advice, as with all the other tips I receive, I took it to heart and starting putting into practice.

Granted I only had a few hours to shoot the entire weekend, I did get a few more close ups, like this one.

Door County Pumpkins

Maybe not the best image in the bunch, but again, it’s practice in action and helping to train my brain to expand my vision when I’m shooting.

And we all know what practice makes.

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