Photo: Cana Island

Cana Island

Photo: An aerial image of Cana Island near Baileys Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin and the lighthouse that shares its name.

Preparing to be overloaded with hockey imagery soon, I thought I’d bring back a few older photos to add a little variety.  This image is from the aerial photo shoot I did back in October over the coastline of the Door County peninsula in northern Wisconsin. You can read the post behind the photo shoot there to relive some of the challenges I encountered with this particular aerial shoot, but I gave this image another go now that I’m trying out Topaz Detail from TopazLabs.

I’m still getting the hang of some of the options and when to use Topaz Detail instead of some of the presets in Topaz Adjust, so we’ll see how this works its way into my workflow in some scenarios.

Drop the Puck

Time to get ready. First of two hockey games at ice level starts on Sunday, following up with a rendezvous in almost the exact same seats the following Sunday.  Getting excited!

Let’s see how the Canon f/2.8 70-200mm lens I’m renting for these games steps up to the challenge that my existing lens have struggled with.  Here’s to hoping for the best.

– Kris

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