Photo: Christian Looking Up

Christian Looking Up

Christian gazing up at the camera and his papa standing on a bench to get the shot.

Back Story

One of my better shots from the outdoor shoot we did at the mall on Sunday – which may end up being one of the last nice weekends we have before the autumn weather kicks in.

This was all natural light, with the clouds as my diffuser. One of the feedback items from my portfolio review session last month was to add a catch light to – and fill in – the eyes more. I should have had my flash on-camera ready to go, but alas I did not.

The composition works for me, though, as I’m working on getting a nice, tight shot with him looking up like this. I was standing on a cement bench/divider while my lovely wife was holding our son over her shoulder. I only had about 10 seconds to grab this shot before he started insisting on getting down, so I feel satisfied walking away with a shot at all.

I still have a few more from the shoot to process and post, but this one jumped out first.

– Kris

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