Photo: Autumn Portrait

Posing with Mama on a warm, autumn evening.

Back Story

As far as photographic weekends go, last weekend had to be one of my favorites. Well, in this timezone anyway, Maui is still No Ka Oi!

This shot was from a short sunset shoot we did last Sunday wrapping up a 3-day span of photo shoots staring the Friday before. The weather was just so nice and it’s the time of year where the colors of the leaves are really at their peak in our area.

Sunday evening, we made our way to the forest preserve near our house, and wanted to take advantage of some of that after sunset glow that’s so precious to photographers. The sky had literally been cloudless all day, so trying to get shots of a nice sunset were pretty much out of the question – just no sky candy, as I like to call it.

But that’s fine, the warm glow coming from the sky just after the sun dipped behind the trees was good enough for me. I wasn’t sure at first which would last longer, the warm light after sunset or our son’s attention span, so I worked fast and shot a few shots like the one above.

It wasn’t long before I had my answer, though, as our son quickly became distracted with his stroller nearby. So while he was occupied with that, I snapped a few images of my wife just before the forest preserve ranger (is he really a ranger if it’s the suburbs?) drove by and was kicking people out. Probably might have had 5-10 more minutes of perfect light left, but still happy with what I shot.

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