Door County Family Portraits

Back from somewhat of a hiatus from photography, while I’ve been off building Apps and standing up new websites.

Things have been so busy as of late, it actually took me a vacation to stop working on almost everything and get back to being a full-time father and spending some time with my camera again.

About this Photo

Today’s featured photo was a follow up – a tradition, if you will – to the family portrait we took in Door County last October.

Family Portrait
October 2011

Door County Family Portrait
August 2012

It’s always nice when I get a chance to step in front of the camera every now and then to capture how fast our son is growing – and us along with him.

This month’s photo was taken at the Cana Island Lighthouse in Bailey’s Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin.

I knew after looking our plans for this trip up to Door County where I wanted to try our annual family portrait, and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out (except, of course, if our son was looking straight ahead next time).

We were fortunate enough to get our son to cooperate at the age of 20 months for this plus another shoot later that evening. Compared to much younger he was at only 10 months last October, it was a huge difference.

Once we made it back to the hotel we were staying at, we managed to do another set of portraits overlooking our view of Sturgeon Bay.

Sturgeon Bay Portrait
Sturgeon Bay Family Portrait, August ’12

By this point, he was getting the hang of the flash going off at the end of the 10-second timer peeps, and he seemed to be having fun with it.

More Photos

The other photos I took of us over the weekend have been added to the photo shoots section, under the title Door County Family Portraits, Aug ’12.

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It wasn’t a full, weekend-long photo shoot, but just enough to capture the memories we were sharing while we had this time together.

For more regular captures of this long weekend, I took to Instagram with the #summer and #roadtrip hashtags to build out a more complete view of our activities as they happened. You can view those photos here or find me on Instagram as “krisnelsonphoto” to see more.

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