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Ka'anapali BeachI found a great site for Hawaii photography fans and photographers alike, named, what else…
Hawaii Photography.

After browsing their site and seeing some of the most stunning Hawaii photos around, I decided to fill out the registration form and was accepted. I uploaded a handful of photos today and will probably add a few more each day during this week off. You can view the photos I’ve posted there on my profile page.

The site has a good mix of professional and amatuer photographers, many of whom live in Hawaii (which I hope to do some day, too). There is also a nice variety of portraits, landscape, and nature photographs, and a few forums and groups for each of the different islands. Not bad for a site that currently has less than 60 members.

So if you’re looking for my very best from Maui, be sure to check them out. I know I’m way down on the experience scale compared to my new co-members at Hawaii Photography. I hope I can continue to hold my own, make a few new friends, and get some great tips before my next Maui trip in February.

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