New Inspiration Found – Pano Spheres

In my ever continuing quest for learning more about photography and the digital darkroom, I subscribe to my fair share of photography blogs (of which I probably should post a list someday). With so many great posts to read each day, it never really takes that much to find inspiration to try a few new things in my own work.  In reality, it happens a lot more often than me finding time to try any of them. 🙂

My latest such inspiration that was lucky enough to find a few late, late night hours to play around with came from this post from the very stunning photo blog, The Windy Pixel.

Here are a few of my early, not-as-stunning-as-theirs, creations.

Pano Sphere

Astro Pano Sphere

Sunrise Watcher Sphere

As with anything in photography that involves good composition and exposures with strong skills in post-production, the sky is the limit, and for me it will be something I will only get better at as my skills in both areas improve.

Here are the source images that were used for the my creative works above.

Nicolet Beach in Peninsula State Park, WI


Stars from Ka'anapali Beach

Stars over Ka’anapali Beach


Sunrise Fans

Haleakala Sunrise Fans


Be sure to look for more of these from me in the coming months as I continue to practice with HDR and Topaz Adjust, too.

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