Photo: Big Dipper over Door County

The Big Dipper in Door County

Not my best shot of the night sky by any means, but it was pretty fun capturing one of the most recognizable set of stars in the sky with a decent foreground composition.

This was from Door County last year, and while not as impressive as seeing the stars out in the Pacific Ocean over Maui, it was still a lot better than what we normally see living 10 minutes from Chicago. It was from September of last year, the only real chance I’ve gotten to shoot the night sky in Door County so far.

Of our other trips to date, it was ridiculously cold last December to be out, and for our April trip, there just wasn’t really a good spot where we were at. Plus, it was the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Hawks were beating up on Calgary, so I couldn’t miss that. 🙂

Not sure about going out to shoot this next trip, but we’ll see.

If you want to see more of these, check out the two photosets on Flickr below, and a little bit more of how this all got started.

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