Photo: Horseshoe Island

Horseshoe Island

Time to start thinking Door County again, seeing as we’ll be driving up there this time next week.

This shot was from a lookout point in Peninsula State Park from last April, and I dug up this on in particular because I’m close to finalizing reservations for an aerial photo shoot over “the Door” for next weekend.  Ever since the Maui Photo Festival, I’ve been in a photo frenzy over when my next shoot or project will be and keeping the personal momentum I’ve picked up since then. Not to mention the aerial aspect, of which I’m still buzzing about from the doors-off helicopter tour I got to experience last month.

Yup, I’m shooting for a 70 minute flight over Door County next weekend, and in a plane this time. The option for shooting “doorless” is available, so I’m looking to take advantage of that. Seeing that the trip is still 10 days away, we’re just now starting to get a feel for what the weather might be like.  Obviously it’s going to be much colder than cruising over Maui, but the question is whether the clouds and rain (or snow!) will cooperate and take the weekend off.

I’ve got a few other things to get together to prep for this aerial shoot, thanks to my experience last month, so I’m hoping to do 2x as well this time around.

Be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks for hopefully some nice views over Door County, the beautiful autumn colors from above, quaint little towns, islands, bays, lighthouses and more.

Also, if you’re on Twitter and want to check out more of what Door County has to offer, take a gander at what @DoorCountyInfo is tweeting about.

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