New Photoset: Blogged

View of LanaiAnother step in the transition to my new(er) Flickr account, I’ve created a new photoset that displays all the latest photos featured here on the blog.

The name of this new photoset is: Blogged. You weren’t expecting anything fancier in a title, were you?

Seeing as my new Flickr account is aimed at being the best of my work to date, and I’m only committed to show of my favorite works here on the blog, it’s like the best of the best. It also helps me keep track of the shots I’ve already posted in the Daily Photo series, but that’s another matter.

A Little History

Since there’s not much else to say about a photoset that mainly speaks for itself, I thought I’d throw in a few fun facts about the website and the blog to fill the rest of the post.

  • The website was launched in September ‘08, and took roughly 2 weeks to put together. Obviously much has changed since then.
  • The above mentioned Daily Photo series currently has over 175 posts in it. Not exactly a new photo posted every day, but a good goal to strive for.
  • The first entry in the Daily Photo series was posted in November ‘08 and was titled: Footprints in the Sand. The photo to follow was Snow Covered Road, talk about a contract in subjects.
  • Of the 175+ entries in the series, only about 70 of them are currently tagged as Maui. I bet you thought that number would be higher, eh? Well it probably is since I haven’t gone back and tagged all the previous posts since moving over to WordPress in November. 😛
  • Speaking of WordPress – gratuitous bunny pic!
  • My Kris Nelson Photography page on Facebook was launched about two weeks ago to further spread the reach of my work. It currently features close to 30 photos, with more being added soon, and is already closing in on 100 fans. Won’t you join us?

Well, that seems like a good list of fun facts. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

– Kris

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